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On-site testing

Flextech appreciate that certain hoses may require annual testing for Q&A and auditing purposes. Therefore as an integral part of the proposed hose supply contact, Flextech offer their on site mobile hose testing services.

On-site testing will involve the pressure testing of all hoses to 1.5 times the specified WP together with the issue of new certificates for each hose tested. In addition to this all hoses will be inspected internally with a fibre optic camera which is used to check the inner liners of every hose.

There is also an optional electrical hose conductivity test which may be carried out in conjunction with pressure testing as required by operational edict or specification. It is of critical importance that identified hoses are tested and revalidated in line with quality procures as laid down in the QMS.

Every hose that passes inspection and testing will be fitted with a coloured tag which confirms that the hose has been tested within the last 12 months. The tag colour changes each year in compliance with European inspection guidelines.

Any hose that is found to be defective will be removed from service immediately and thereafter removed from site by Flextech. The end fittings will then be reclaimed at our production facility and reserved for reuse on the replacement hose. The end fittings can only be reclaimed twice.