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What is Brewflex?

What is Brewflex?

​Brewflex® is our range of branded brewery hoses designed entirely by Flextech Hose Solutions. Over an 18 month period we researched the brewery market, the exisiting hose products being offered and thier attributes and weaknesses and then we used what we found to create a truly unique hose, Brewflex®. Its main features are its cleanlisness, its flexibility, its maneuverability (easy-glide cover), its long service life, its high pressure rating & its high tolerance to alcohol. Our creation is robust, durable and excellent value.

How is it constructed?

The look, smell and taste are all things that make a beer distinctive and the same goes for hoses. The ingredients they're made from and the way they're formulated defines the individual qualities they offer. Brewflex® hoses have a high quality, white, butyl, smooth, mirror finish rubber liner and are reinforced with synthetic braids (and a Steel or Nylon spiral - depending on the model) and then covered with a special smooth or corrugated, red, non marking, low friction, weather and abrasive resistant cover (This enables the hose to glide across many surfaces where standard cover rubber hoses would not).

What are its applications?

Brewflex® is specifically designed for breweries, wineries, distilleries, bottlers, cider & perry presses, soft drinks beverage producers and drinking water applications. The white Butyl liner is what enables Brewflex® suitability for varying applications as it is completely neutral to taste and odour, smooth, non-porous and temperature resistant up to 120°c.

How much will it cost me?

When we were designing Brewflex®, one of the things we wanted it to be was affordable. With the UK leading the way in the craft beer market and the rate at which new breweries are opening here (3 per week on average), it is important to recognise that many new breweries are more likely to have a tighter budget. We're not into charging inflated prices just because something is high quality, this only restricts who has access to it. What we're focused on is providing the market with a value for money hygienic solution that benefits not only the businesses who use Brewflex®, but the consumers who drink thier products.

What can it do for me?

Brewflex® will provide you with the quality assurance and peace of mind that you'll never lose a batch of beer, cider or wine from hose contamination. Besides being a completely unique & bespoke solution and designed around your specification, Brewflex® comes with full, 100% material traceability and guaranteed quality assurance. Unfortunatley in the hose market this is not a common occurance. Many 'hygienic' hoses are often built on dirty, uncleaned, greasy steel mandrels or made from inferior materials that leach and contaminate the media that flows through them.

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