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Slough Trading Estate Billboard Competition Winners!

Slough Trading Estate Billboard Competition Winners!

Between August and September of 2015 SEGRO ran a competition on Twitter for customers to feature on the estate billboards. As customers of SEGRO we knew we had to enter and give it a shot and so we tweeted @SloughTE stating how being on the Slough Trading Estate was good for business and rather than focusing on talking about things such as the great transport links we thought about how we could interestingly and accurately promote 'why' the estate is.

Having had a number of very successful family owned companies setup, grown and nurtured on the estate over the past 30 years we had a great story, the only challenge we had now was trying to squash that into 140 characters to fit within Twitters character limit...

After an intense brainstorming session we had conjured up a tweet that represented Flextech Hose Solutions, SEGRO, and why the Trading Estate is good for business in a light-hearted and exciting manner. The reason we chose this story was that it shows in many more ways than we can fit in 140 characters, that the estate is obviously good for business. We'd chosen the estate back when it was still developing and then stayed, for 30 years, building 4 successful businesses split over 3 generations - the surrounding environment proving as solid foundations for any business wanting to make a name for themselves. Besides this, Slough Trading Estate does have great transport links, it is very well maintained, it is secure and it is constantly changing and developing to meet the demands of many business environments.
Once we we happy with the wording of the tweet we tweeted to Slough Trading Estates. A week or so later, we found out we'd won and that our billboard advertisement would be displayed for 5 weeks! This would give us exposure to thousands of people and potential customers, raising awareness of us and our major brands - Brewflex, Pharmaflex & Dairyflex.

Our advert will be displayed from the last week of October through to the first few days of December, so keep a look out!

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