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Are you using... "Genuine Brewflex®" or "BREWFLEX10"?

We are increasingly coming across the misconception that the two hoses below are the same product and are like-for-like. Although they share a name the performance capabilities are quite different and are made by different manufacturers in different countries. We'd like to take a moment to communicate these differences.

The "Genuine Brewflex®" (Left of table) is our product, manufactured by us, Flextech Hose Solutions. So, how do you tell which hose you are using? Although these hoses share the name "Brewflex" both have unique branding stripes that run along the length of the hose (See pictures above).

We've been contacted by a number of breweries stating that the BREWFLEX 10 hoses they are using kink or don't perform. If you're worried about your hose tainting your beer give us a call or email as we'd like to help.

If you purchased "BREWFLEX 10" believing you we're buying our "Genuine Brewflex®", please get in touch as we'd like to offer you a Trade In Deal to ensure you get what you initially inteded, a fit for purpose hose. Contact details can be found at the bottom of this email.

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We understand that hoses aren't necessarily your biggest priority, but we also know that they are probably your brewery's biggest vulnerability. Find out how and what we're doing to help.

Testimonial: Windsor & Eton Brewery

Our friendship with Windsor & Eton Brewery has been going strong for nearly 10 years! Watch Jim's testimonial to see how we've helped each other.

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Make your hoses last longer.We conduct FREE hose health checks for UK breweries to help you prevent; batch contamination, health & safety risks, production downtime & potential financial losses.

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