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Case Study: Bradfield Brewery

Case Study: Bradfield Brewery

Recently our Area Sales Manager for Yorkshire – Dean Wade visited Bradfield Brewery with the purpose of meeting Richard Gill - the owner, to follow up after he visited our stand at SIBA BeerX and showed interest in our Brewflex® hose range.

Through discussion, Richard explained how he was currently having difficulty with getting some replacement hoses from his current supplier after he was sold some of inferior quality. He explained how his current hoses kept sucking flat on vacuum applications, were kinking around the tight corners between the vats in his brewery and upon further investigation and inspection, it appeared that the actual hose liner was collapsing. A consequence of this is that a batch can become contaminated and have to be disposed of. The cause of all this – Poor quality rubber hoses and 1 to 2 sessions of CIP. It turns out the hoses, although rated as "food quality" and supplied as suitable for brewing could not withstand the hose cleaning process used in many breweries after a batch has finished being run.

Dean quickly decided that there was a simple and easy way to eliminate both the problem of the hose kinking and of the degrading inner liner. He recommended that Bradfield Brewery try out our Brewflex®Lite hose, for free on a 'Sale or Return' basis. When asked why he decided to give the hose for free he explained "I know you will love it so much that you won't give it back"! Deans confidence in the superiority of Brewflex® over Bradfield's current hoses is a clear demonstration that as a company Flextech Hose truly stand for quality hose products.

Flextech ensure that you don't ever have to worry about losing a batch of beer due to hose contamination. Bradfield Brewery would never again experience the annoyance of restricted flow from kinking and the potential sadness of losing a batch of beer through use of a hose with an unsuitable liner. Brewflex® was designed over an 18-month period entirely around the needs and requirements of brewer and brewery alike. The range of hoses we offer have an extremely high quality FDA approved butyl liner which is not only hygienic but can easily withstand CIP over and over again as well as having a lifespan of over 7 years. 

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