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A hose is just a hose... Isn't it?

A hose is just a hose... Isn't it?
Recently I had a conversation with the owner of a brewery who said to me: "In the end, a hose is just a hose isn't it?" And I replied: "Isn't that like me saying your beer is just like any other beer?" Well, I certainly don't believe this, and I know you don't! So why is it that people believe a hose is just a hose?

The look, smell and taste are all things that make a beer distinctive and the same goes for hoses: the ingredients they're made from and the way they're formulated defines the individual qualities they offer. Unfortunately, to a person who doesn't understand beer or hoses they would argue that they are all the same, however they couldn't be more wrong. We know your product is special whether it's a beer, a spirit, a wine, a cider or a perry and our brewery hose is too.

I believe the term 'high quality' has lost its value and has become a generic phrase for promoting hose products. If I were to tell you that many of the 'hygienic' hoses available in todays market were manufactured on dirty, uncleaned, greasy steel mandrels, where foreign particles have been found in the hose liner you wouldn't believe me… but you should! Brewflex was designed over an 18-month period to create a truly unique, high quality product. It is manufactured in a clean production area on high quality automated machines using a 316L stainless steel mandrel, resulting in a highly clean and pure mirror finish, smooth, butyl lined hygienic hose. It also has an exclusive anti-friction, easy-clean cover enabling it to be moved around your brewery effortlessly, eliminating issues with cumbersome long lengths.

Brewflex, unlike other rubber and PVC hoses, will provide you with genuine, guaranteed quality assurance through full material traceability ensuring that you never lose a batch of beer from hose contamination.

The question you should ask yourself now is "how well do I know my hose?" If you need advice about what hose to use for your brewery setup, small or large, don't hesitate to call us on: 01753 570099.

Gary Shaw (Managing Director – Flextech Hose Solutions).
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