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About Brewflex

Brewflex is part of the 'Flex' brand range from Flextech Hose Solutions Ltd (FHS)

Brewflex was established in 2010 as a unique division of Flextech that specialises in the manufacture of high quality bespoke hygienic rubber hose assemblies for breweries and wineries. The increase in demand for high quality beers and ales from micro-breweries enabled Flextech to evolve and grow into a position that allowed the creation of a great brand that has been developing it's position as a leader for high quality bespoke brewery hose solutions in the marketplace.

Focussing entirely on hygienic hose and assemblies allows our attention to be based solely on one aspect of the industrial hose market, something that has allowed us to become experts in the fields of design, development and manufacturing of brewery hoses.

We believe that when producing things for human consumption the greatest care must be taken in ensuring that these are actually safe. The best way to do this is to use hygienic hoses and fittings that have higher resistance to a wider range of chemicals, higher resistance to temperatures and are generally more versatile and reliable than non-hygienic hoses. In the short term these will cost more than a PVC hose, (a common, but very unhygienic hose used in producing consumables), but in the long term these can prove very cost efficient through avoiding premature failure and down time, improving worker health and safety and will avoid batch contamination from leeching, plasticisers, toxicants and pthalthates.
To compliment these we also offer a range of couplings, fittings and other end connections in order for you to be able to fit your hose to your application.

If you're looking at improving the overall quality of your product, Brewflex is the right place for you!